Labrador Retriever Health Problems

All animals are prone to diseases and Labrador retrievers are no exception. Labrador retriever health problems can go from bad to worse if not treated in good time. The ailments, just like in humans, might result in unbearable expenses. The best thing therefore, is to make sure your dog is safe and healthy. Human beings have the ability to communicate clearly and will convey a message when they are sick. Unfortunately, your Labrador will not talk to you telling you how they are feeling inside. This calls for a close examination of your dog regularly as they will not show any signs of pain unless it is intolerable. Below are some of the common Labrador retriever health problems you should be looking out for.

Allergies- Just like all other dogs, Labrador retrievers are susceptible to allergies the number one type being flea allergy. This can lead to hot spots and infections if not treated early enough. You should take your dog to the vet at least every month for flea allergy medication. It is also not strange for a Lab to have food allergy. When you notice any unusual behavior after your dog eats, take note that they might be allergic to that food. If you are not sure what the cause of the reaction is, take them for a medical check-up to curb any Labrador retriever health problems that might be developing.

Infections- Of all the Labrador retriever health problems, infections are the most common. If your dog spends a lot of time in the yard, they are more prone to getting infections. The infections can affect their skin, eyes, ears and teeth. The best way to protect your dog friend is to ensure that they are always in a clean environment. Always clean your dog to make sure they are free of bacteria. Pay attention to areas such as ears which are common infection points. Check for red spots, excessive moisture, dirt or swelling. Any extreme condition should be handled by a trained vet.

Diabetes- Most people will be shocked by seeing this but it is among Labrador retriever health problems you should be aware of. If your Labrador retriever has a habit of eating sugary foods, stop them immediately. This is a major cause of diabetic conditions in dogs. Most of the symptoms will resemble the same as in humans and when detected, you should take your pet to a veterinary center so that they can be treated professionally.

Obesity- This has become one of the most common Labrador retriever health problems today. Labrador retrievers are favorite pets and some owners tend to show them too much love and end up overfeeding them. Obesity is dangerous as it is related to many other ailments such as heart problems and tumors. To keep your dog away from this condition, you must keep them away from too much food. Make sure your dog is exercising enough by taking them for a walk at least twice a day. The walks will not only be healthy for the dog, you will also benefit from them.